Curbsid is priced to help businesses during COVID.
 Curbsid is priced to help businesses during COVID. Find out more.

Curbsid Pricing and COVID

  • This offering will remain in effect at least through June 2021
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Free $50 Credit, refilled every month
  • At 3 cents per message, up to 1,600 free messages per month
  • Additional message are 3 cents
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How Does #OurCurb Work? The fine print.

Businesses who sign up for Curbsid accounts will be not be charged a subscription fee for the term of the #OurCurb period. Additionally, each month an account will be given a $50 balance credit for use on SMS/MMS services within the Curbsid platform. Each month, on the date of sign-up, the balance of their account will be refilled to a maximum of $50 if it is less than that amount.

If a business needs more than $50 in credit for any given month, they will need to refill the balance themselves. They can do this in one of two ways. The first approach is to buy credit for their Curbsid account. The second approach is to setup automatic refills for if and when an account falls below a specific credit balance. Full Terms of Use | Current Rates


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